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The Kara Goldin Show

May 24, 2021

“I think that there is room for you. If it really is something you love, there is room. You can insist that there be room for you.”

So excited for today’s awesome guest, Finnerty Steeves! Finnerty is an actress who has played many iconic roles on stage and on screen including Ms Calvin in “The Shape She Makes” and Beth Hoefler in “Orange is the New Black.” In this episode, she talks about her adventure in the world of TV and theatre and how her stubbornness prepared her for the opportunities that came her way. She heard a lot of “Nos” before she heard, “Yes.” Sound familiar? She also shares about her latest movie, “Before/During/After,” for which she wrote the script, basing it on the story of her own divorce. Check out #TheKaraGoldinShow for this exciting and inspiring conversation!

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