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The Kara Goldin Show

Jan 20, 2021

“I found my sense of purpose and started to lead with my heart. That was the beginning of my story”
Purpose-driven companies. No better example than deciding to start a company based on a product that helped save a family member’s life.  That’s GT Dave, Founder, and CEO of GT’s Living Foods story. When his...

Jan 18, 2021

“The best ideas are kind of counterintuitive and a little unusual, a little weird and don’t make sense to people at first, you have to fight for it.”

Meet Tim Brown. Co-CEO and founder of Allbirds, the Unicorn footwear company most famously known as the maker of the “world's most comfortable shoe”. Tim joins...

Jan 13, 2021

“Fear isn’t the enemy, comfort is.” 

Judi Holler shares all of her awesome fear-crushing advice on this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow. Exec turned comedian, she shows us all how fear can actually help you to be braver than ever. Her new book, Fear Is My Homeboy is so good! 

Listen as we hear more of her personal...

Jan 11, 2021

“We have to come up with ways of innovating, that are not only different, but better.”

Frank Stephenson.  Some may not know his name but you know what he has done.  The BMW X5, Mini Cooper, McLaren, Ferrari.  He’s disrupted the automobile industry and innovated over and over again.  One of the Most Influential...

Jan 6, 2021

Thrilled to have John Jantsch, one of the leading small business marketing experts and founder, author, and podcaster for all things Duct Tape Marketing! John has been called one of the World’s Most Practical Small Business Experts. And Seth Godin calls him the “Peter Drucker of small business tactics” . Come...